Goal of the series of books: Publication of scientific volumes at minimal cost with high visibility and dissemination.

In recent decades, the web has opened new possibilities for communication that allow us to possibilities of presenting our work as open contributions, useful tools to the evergrowing scientific community.

Nowadays it has become necessary to facilitate the production of books, especially those that can not be supported by the market.
In this series the cost of each book is limited to the amount that is necessary for the page layout and the publishing organization.

The series LapisLocus considers the edition of scientific monographs on topics of architectural history, history of the city and the landscape:

• Critical analysis of historical periods and cultural phases
• studies of architects and architecture theories
• methods and design techniques in history
• unpublished sources and archives
• conference proceedings.

This series will also welcome work dedicated to the heritage of regions and nations, with the goal of faciliating the dialogue between international scholars.

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